International Students

Steps to Move-in

STEP01. Finding a Room

1. Visit a real estate company.
Inform one’s staff of one’s requirements
(move-in date/place/rent)

2. We will suggest some recommendable rooms.

3. Choose one that you like the best.

View Drawings

4. You can take a look at the room.

02. Contract Application

1. Let us know if you would like to apply for the room.
We will give you an application form.
2. Please fill out the application form.
3. Please submit the following documents.
①the filled-out application form
③residence card
④a certificate of admission(or student card) issued by your school.
4. We will send these documents to guaranty company, which screens you.

03. Attending“Important Points Explanation“

1. After having passed the screening, we will read out “Inportant Points Explanation”about the contract.
2. This face-to-face explanation is a compulsory step under the real-estate transacition laws in Japan. Upon your agreement.

04. Filling in the Contract Form

1. Receiving the documents, complate filling out the contract form and making the pament by bank transfer.

05. Receiving the Key and Moving-in

1. Visit our store during open hours on the 1st day of the contract period.
2. Show us your passport,
residence card, and soon. Receive the key and go to your room.

Post-Resident Support

Thank you for choosing GTN Rent Guarantor service.
We provide a Living Support Center to help foreigners living in Japan with any concerns or problems they may have at no additional cost.
If you need help verifying the details of your contract or have any other problems, please contact us below. Our multilingual staff will be happy to assist you.

Telephone Number:03-5155-4674 / / Business Hours:10:00AM – 6:30PM